29th May 2023 Community

Sound Baths at the ‘Summer Flair’ 3rd-4th June

Sound and Healing practitioners, David Spofforth and Jo Culf are introducing Sound Bath sessions this weekend at the Bonnington Centre’s ‘Summer Flair’ event.

A Sound Bath is a deep meditation session wherein the facilitator will guide you through a journey of release and relaxation using a variety of instruments and harmonising tones.

You just lay back and allow the sound waves to wash over you and ‘bathe’ you with their vibrations.

The sessions will be on Saturday at 12noon and 5pm in the Middle Room of the Centre (maximum capacity 8) and on Sunday at 12noon and 5pm in the Top Room (maximum capacity 15).

Admission is £10 (with 10% donated to BCCA). As capacity is limited, please email david@soulandsoundhealing.co.uk if you’d like to reserve a place.

Jo Culf will be leading the 12noon sessions, with Gong Baths:

“Come and enjoy a deeply relaxing sound bath. The sounds of my gong will help you let go completely of all thoughts and stresses of the day,  restore balance to your system, rejuvenate your body and fill you with inner calm and peacefulness.”

David Spofforth will be leading the 5pm sessions with primarily Crystal Singing Bowls:

“Bathe in the healing tones of Crystal Singing Bowls – each one tuned to directly resonate with your Chakra centres. The sounds emitted are enchanting harmonic tones reminiscent of an angelic choir. The bowls create a feeling of peace in a loving and compassionate way, bringing you back into perfect balance and harmony.”


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