11th December 2022 Community

Seasons Greetings from the BCCA

Seasons Greetings to All near and afar from the BCCA Trustees, our in-house team and growing number of active supporters. 

HEARTFELT THANKS to all who have donated time, effort and a spirit throughout the recently completed yearlong transformation of our carefully and thoughtfully renovated Community Café. The main body of work is now achieved and a freshly committed momentum toward a vibrant New Year of rededicated local community activities and events is well established. 

As the season turns so we return to the shortest day, and to the longest night that locally will occur on December 21st 2022. With the sun at its greatest distance from planet earth, as chill arrives so the warmth of family, friends and community soothes to sustain us with the sharing of festive food and good cheer, contemplations of the passing year, and anticipations of a New Year of fresh potentials about to dawn. 

We trust that the increasing flow of creative potentials and resources will enhance inclusive local well being. It has been a long year! Particularly so in the still reverberating wake of Covid and the current surge of economic and political challenges. Indeed the world seems not a happy place! Yet it remains hugely encouraging for all involved at BCCA to receive heartfelt acknowledgements and enthusiasm from a constant flow of good neighbours and local folk, inquisitive passers-by, Café users, exhibition viewers, and a healthily growing number of Centre users who offer steadfast support, encouragement and ideas toward a fresh and vibrant blossoming of BCCA during the seasons to come.

Please be aware of friends and neighbours in need and help to ensure that no one is ‘left out in the cold’. Share your winter warmer and merry living tips and anything other that might encourage resilient good health and cheer of body, mind and spirit to help generate natural soothing delight of shared friendship and community. 

Lambeth Council offers means of support at lambeth.gov.uk/cost-living-crisis-support

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