15th February 2023 Community

BCCA Archive: 4th World Arts 1992

BCCAs archival work continues in partnership with Phd researcher Xiuzheng Li of the UCL, Bartlett School of Architecture (https://www.ucl.ac.uk/bartlett/architecture/).

If you have any potential archival material including photographs, objects, videos, audio, textual or other data that documents the story of BCAAs history – or if you are aware of anyone that might be interested in sharing personal memories and recollections, please contact the Archive team at BCCA_Archive@outlook.com

The Archive is continually growing to reveal fresh and rich content that will build into a unique resource that will be available to all BCCA members. The Archive will also be used to support ongoing funding bids towards the upkeep, improvement and sustainability of our historic building as a local community oasis, meeting and eating place and intergenerational wellbeing resource.

A BCCA Archive Exhibition and associated Community Events at BCCA Community Cafe Gallery, are proposed during spring 2023. (dates to be confirmed) Any suggestions for content, events, workshops or items of memorabilia toward this event are welcome.

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