7th February 2023 Café

Use of Bonnington Community Café

If you are interested in hosting an event at our Community Café for Daytime Activities including breakfasts, lunches, public and private one-off events and parties, workshops, launches, photo shoots, promotional events or other activities, the Café is available for booking at very reasonable and accessible rates.

Evening Café use is bookable for traditional evening service as a friendly, cosy local vegetarian/vegan eatery open from 6pm to 11pm every evening (with access to the kitchen for evening prep as from 1pm). The Café Cooks list remains open to anyone who would like to cook and host an evening event. The Café is available for Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine only. BCCA member and local community led activities have priority and can benefit from generous concessions.

Cooks wishing to support inclusive access to nutritional wellbeing in the community by offering subsidised prices to BCCAs membership will be prioritised and able to gain subsidised rates after taster sessions have been successfully delivered and local diners have endorsed proposed service. Cooks intending to host private cooking events and cooking events that are for profit will need to present individual Public Liability insurance.

Enquiries to Fabio, BCCA Community Café Administrator bccacommunitycafe.adm@gmail.com

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