5th February 2024 Arts

Rowan Vuglar artshow brings Australian flora to the Café! February 2024

Local resident Rowan Vuglar is the latest artist to exhibit in the Bonnington Café.

Just ahead of Spring, his beautifully colourful paintings of flowers highlight the rich flora of western Australia. They can be seen when the Bonnington Cafe is open for dining (now Tuesdays to Saturdays 6pm to 10.30pm, and Sundays from 11am to 3pm), as well as during events and viewings during February. You can join Rowan for a Special View at the Café on Sunday 18th February, from 5pm to 8pm.

Rowan Vuglar started his painting career in Perth, Western Australia, His current exhibition at the Bonnington Centre celebrates that state’s famous wildflowers. This represents about half of a body of work produced on that theme by Rowan in 2022, as well as several more recent pieces.

Rowan came to Bonnington Square in 1986 at the height of its squatting history. He had a big hand in developing the Harleyford Road Gardens, and at one stage opened a community library. His first squat had no electricity or gas – and had just one water tap at knee height!

From 1988-2002 he was a member of Stockwell Studios. He has held many exhibitions here and overseas, and has sold work consistently over a wide career. For more, see https://www.rowanvuglar.art/

Rowan at the Café


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