2nd March 2024 Arts

Raffle offers chance to be photographed by artist Bari Goddard in THE DRESS

(Main photo: Pippa D in THE DRESS. Copyright Bari Goddard)

A unique raffle is running until March 28th 2024 with just one prize – being photographed in a stunning white dress by Bari Goddard, the avant-garde and wonderfully controversial Welsh singer-songwriter, artist, and photographer.

Bari’s latest show, THE DRESS, is also running throughout March at both the Bonnington Centre and the Bonnington Cafe in Vauxhall, SW8 1TD. 

The show – several years in the making – features dozens of notable LGBTQ figures, including celebrities such as Holly Johnson – wearing the same beautiful white dress. Each wearer brings their own personality and emotions to their photoshoot – leading to a richly textured and emotional show.

Bari’s work as an artist encompasses film-making, painting, photography, and music. He has performed and recorded with Jimmy Somerville, Madonna, Cliff Richard, Banderas, Horse, Vinna Bee, Anarchistwood and Then Jerico.

Critic Andrija Seifried is full of praise for Bari’s new work: “Bari shows both a mischievous and sometimes grotesque sense of humour through placing before us a complex tableau of uniquely different scenarios and moods. What we wear is rarely who we are.

“You really have to know the artist to understand and journey through this bizarre carnival of characters which include Holly Johnson of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Adele Anderson of Fascinating Aida, Charlotte Hunter of Harry Potter film fame and a myriad of other straight, gay and trans and non-binary subjects.”

Until March 28th, raffle tickets will also be on sale for £10 each featuring a remarkable prize – a photoshoot for the winner while wearing THE DRESS at a London location. The prize draw will be made at a special event at the Bonnington Centre shortly after the raffle closes, and the winner notified. 

The raffle winner will be the last ever person to be photographed in THE DRESS before Bari himself dons it for the last time, and then sets it on fire! 

Raffle tickets can be purchased for £10 each, and you can purchase as many as you’d like, using the QR code above. Please include in the Notes section your name, and THE DRESS RAFFLE. Bari has kindly decided that 50% of all proceeds from the raffle will go to the Bonnington Centre Community Association, a not for profit, community-led resource.  

While the City Sleeps: Copyright Bari Goddard

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