7th October 2022 Community

October 2022 Newsletter

Greetings to all members and associates!

Autumn has arrived and many of us will perhaps struggle to eat and heat our homes properly during the coming cold season. Any tips that you might offer to ease such pressures will be welcome for the next newsletter.

We are happy that membership has increased due to feedback from our first newsletter. Do continue to invite friends, neighbours and colleagues to enrol.

The building has received much care and attention from committed volunteers. The windows to the cafe have been renovated and details burnished with an appropriate glistening gold. The kitchen remains ‘in process’ and any help would be much appreciated. Please read the current BCCA ‘Wish List’ on the Café window. We will be happy to receive anything you can donate.

The therapy rooms continue to gain healthy bookings and members of the community have proposed various healing treatments that they would like to offer. Craniosacral Therapy is one example and is offered free of charge by a last year student of CTET as part of essential training (a donation towards the Centre welcome) for more info and booking please email to bcc-cranio@gmail.com

October brings also the arrival of…

The Death Café

Everyone is welcomed on Monday 10th October from 10am to 11am for tea, cake and conversation, sharing ideas toward a potential regular Death Café at Bonnington Centre as a local resource. Contact: 07906916524 for further enquiry.

Click here for further information about Death Café.

Community Drumming

Every Friday from 2pm to 4pm come join us at the Café for natural rythmn and syncopation at our DRUM N’ KITCHEN UTENSIL sessions. Open to all comers of all ages and rhythmicity. Bring your own drum or percussive instrument if you can and an item of food/drink (non alcoholic) to share if you wish. Most importantly bring yourself friends, family, associates to enjoy and delight in seriously silly syncopations.
Donations welcomed. Contact BCCA Admin for details.

Spaces for Hire

Soon improvements to our online booking system will make the booking process easier. The Centre offers a variety of fine homely spaces for hire, with toilet and catering facilities at amongst some of the lowest rates in London.

BCCA Membership

Membership to the BCCA currently remains an astonishing £1 per year!

Is your membership up to date? We are encouraging all past BCCA members to renew, and inviting new friends and associates to become members.

We will soon enable easy online membership enrolment. In addition to the existin £1 annual membership, a £25 life-long memmbership will be available.

The given BCCA ‘Area of Benefit’ is Vauxhall Grove, Langley Lane and Bonnington Square. Full members must reside within this area and are able to vote at Annual General Meetings and can gain various discounts and advantages relating to room hire and other activities.
Associate members are those who live outside of the given ‘Area of Benefit’. They cannot vote at AGMs but are able to attend and speak at meetings, and also gain discounts and other advantages.

All new Members are automatically added to the BCCA mailing list.

BCCA team members will soon be visiting all homes in the area of benefit with hardcopy membership forms for those who prefer personal contact (be sure to keep £1 coin handy!).

Click here to enquire about membership.

Bonnington Centre Community Café

Reopening of the Café including its garden and kitchen is now imminent as a daytime community resource hosting regular recurring and one-off workshops, clubs, events and evening cousine. The Café will continue to host exhibitions of local and associate artists.

Evening Café use will restart afresh as an exciting venue for vegetarian and vegan cooks with a deliberate emphasis on participation of hosts from the local community, whilst remaining as ever open and welcoming to all-comers from far, wide and beyond!

The Café will serve as a homely accessible venue for daytime activities that will cater for the creative expression, needs and preferences of local people. Evenings will be dedicated to serving good hearty and healthy affordable vegetarian and vegan cuisine with an emphasis on local cooks.

The Bonnington Centre Community Cafe Cooks list is, and will remain open for anyone who would like to cook and host an evening at the Cafe.

Email Fabio, BCCA Community Cafe Administrator at bcca@btinternet.com to register your interest as a cook or as an exhibiting artist.

Online Local Resources

Here are some links to online health talks and charitable trusts that may be of interest to you.

Women’s Health Talks | Chronic pain, Osteoporosis, Menopause, Breast Cancer
4th and 5th October from 6.30pm to 8.00pm
register online via phone 07932 999385 or Eventbrite

APPG Arts, Health & Wellbeing | Creative Health Review Online Launch
13th October 3.00pm register online via Eventbrite

Blackfriars Settlement a local charity that may be of interest

Keeping in Touch

BCCAs current part-time Administrator is Maria who works at the office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am. Maria’s times at the office are posted on the front door of the Centre every week.

If you are interested in organising a community oriented activity and/or in using any of our available spaces for your personal projects please contact BCCA Admin for further information.

Office Telephone : 0207 820 7466 Email: bcca@btinternet.com

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