19th June 2024 Arts

Local resident David Spofforth launches new book Heaven’s Moon at Centre

Local resident, Druid, and occasional Tarot reader David Spofforth will be launching his new book, Heaven’s Moon, at the Bonnington Café on Monday June 24th at 6.30pm.
David tells us there’ll be signings and a talk about his book, which is focused on “discovering the path to become your ultimate Divine Self.”
Here’s what David has to say about “Heaven’s Moon: The Astrological Power of White Moon Selena”:
“Shining through from the Spiritual Realms, White Moon Selena illuminates your astrological birth chart with the power of Selene, the Classical Greek Goddess of the Moon. Orbiting the Earth every seven years, this ‘hypothetical second moon’ from Russian Astrology is a portal to a spiritual moonlight that shines on where your highest aspirations in can be found, and how you best strive to reach them.
“Through an exploration of how White Moon Selena is expressed in all twelve Signs of the Zodiac, you can understand your White Moon Selena placement in your birth chart. It shows you which part of your life offers you the path towards your highest purpose. Learn how the transits of the Planets every day can affect your  path of evolution to your Divine Self. Which Planets are helping you?  And what Astrology techniques can you positively employ to overcome the aspects that hinder you? Your Sun Sign shows you who you are…  Your White Moon Selena Sign shows you the highest expression of who you can become.”
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