13th December 2022 Community

Bonnington Centre Community Café

The Café has reopened after essential renovation as a vegetarian and vegan eatery. The kitchen is in full use again in its beaming new facility.

The revived Café will function as a daytime community resource that prioritises local people. Hosting regular recurring and one-off events including workshops, clubs and pop-ups, the Café will also host an ongoing program of monthly arts exhibitions that will feature the works of local, associate, and invited artists.

BCCA pursues a policy of emphasis on the facilitation and participation of people living in the immediately local community whilst remaining open and welcoming to all comers from far, wide and beyond beyond!

The Café aims to function and serve as an inviting, homely accessible venue for daytime activities that cater for the creative expression, inclusive access, likes and preferences of local people. Evenings will continue to be dedicated to the production and serving of a variety of good hearty and healthy affordable vegetarian and vegan food, with an emphasis on encouraging and showcasing local cooks.

Any help that you can offer will be much appreciated. Please read our ‘Wish List’ on the Café window.

Cooking @ the Café

The Bonnington Centre Community Café Cooks list remains open to anyone who would like to cook and host an evening event at the Cafe. All Cooks will be required to fulfil BCCA Café user requirements before being granted licence to cook.

Cooks wishing to support access to nutritional wellbeing in the community by offering subsidised prices to BCAAs local and extended membership will be prioritised and eligible to gain subsidised Café hire rates after taster sessions have been successfully delivered, and Feedback from local diners has endorsed service delivery.

Cooks intending to host private cooking events and cooking events that are for profit will need to present individual Public Liability insurance.

Email Fabio, BCCA Community Café Administrator at bcca@btinternet.com to register your interest as a Cook or as an Exhibiting Artist.

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