18th December 2022 Community

Annual Bonnington Winter Celebrations

On 21st December 2022 the Bonnington Centre and Community Café will co-host its regular annual winter solstice ‘BIG COMMUNITY PARTY’ with ‘Bring Food (Vegan and Vegetarian only) and Drinks to share”. As usual the event will be enthusiastically organised and hosted by Marie and Sandra. 

Celebrations will start at 4pm with communal dancing at St Anne’s Hall on the corner of Vauxhall Grove and Harleyford Road, two minutes walk from the Centre. Fleet of foot regulars will no doubt weave a tight core for others to swing, clap and laugh around. Dancing will be followed by traditional pagan carol singing outside ITALO, with mulled wine courtesy of Charlie, and seasonal address from David our local resident Druid.

There will also be a community screening of films in the Top Room at the Bonnington Centre, featuring a selection of interesting and diverse films made by young local filmmakers Dom Henderson, Charlie Usher, Sam Riley, Sabrina Jones, Patrick Bradley, Milo Anani and Juliet Hager.

It will no doubt be a special day. Please bring as many friends as you can bear to share with! 

Celebrations are FREE and everyone is welcome to join and participate in the fun.

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