10th December 2021 Community

A Message from the Bonnington Centre

A great deal of speculation and opinions have been voiced about the unfortunate current situation between the Bonnington Centre Community Association (BCCA) and the Café User’s Group (CUG) resulting in the temporary boarding up of the Café.


After many years of continuous attempted negotiations initiated by the BCCA, no settlement has ever been reached between the BCCA and the CUG. This is because the CUG have always failed to recognize or respect the formal authority and legal responsibility of the BCCA who are a not-for-profit registered company, limited by guarantee with charitable aims, run by volunteers who are responsible for the entire building. The CUG have continuously avoided becoming a legal entity even though they have been a very successful, entirely private enterprise and have made a lot of money as personal profit for many years. The CUG has evolved into a small, enclosed group that has excluded local people who live in the BCCA’s area of benefit (Bonnington Square, Vauxhall Grove, Langley Lane). None of the CUG members live in this area of benefit.

The BCCA intends to reopen the Café as soon as practicable with local cooks. CUG cooks are equally welcome, subject as everyone else to the signing of the BCCA’s license and agreeing to be managed by the BCCA for the benefit of the local community

11, Vauxhall Grove SW8 1TD

bcca@btinternet.com 0207 820 7466

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